Jonathon Quigley
10 May 2024

2 tech businesses helping Australian farmers stay best in class

In the world of agriculture, innovation goes hand in hand with the need to secure a nourishing future.

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Jonathon Quigley Cultiv8
10 May 2024

Targeting double digit returns by backing just 6 companies a year

Livewire gets a closer look at why investors should be considering agriculture investment – and specifically Agri-Food Tech – right now.

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Tiffany at GATE
30 October 2023

Everybody Must Eat

In an era defined by escalating global demand and pressing environmental concerns, the agriculture industry finds itself facing a dilemma. The imperative to produce more with less. Driven by population growth, dwindling resources, and the need to repair biodiversity and combat climate change, makes feeding the world increasingly complex.

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27 September 2023

Cultiv8 Funds Management discusses investments in agriculture and food technology

Jonathon Quigley discusses with CNBC International the companies behind the most innovation in agriculture and food technology in Asia-Pacific.

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13 July 2023

Agri-Food Tech Investments: Unlocking the Potential Beyond Profits

While Australia’s Agri-Food Tech market is still in its early stages, it is experiencing remarkable growth, with over 2500 Agri-Food Tech enterprises across the country.

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James in Field - Zeti Rover
15 June 2023

Podcast | ESG in 10

Tune in to Fidante’s ESG in 10 podcast, where Tiffany Holland takes on the role of guest host in an insightful conversation with Dan Winson, Zetifi Founder. Discover the practical ESG considerations that have played a pivotal role in shaping the decision-making process of Zetifi as they gear up for large-scale production.

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30 May 2023

Finding tomorrow’s Agri-food tech heroes

In this interview, Cultiv8 Founding Partner Jonathan Quigley shares his insights into the transformative impact of solutions like FutureFeed. Cultiv8 supports innovative solutions in areas such as natural capital, climate adaptability, and animal and crop productivity.

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Greenhouse owner examining flowers and using laptop and touchpad at work.
11 April 2023

Policy – Friend or Foe?

As the discussion on climate and emissions policy intensifies within Australia, I am reminded of a research trip to Europe that I took last year with 45 Australian agricultural executives. I returned from my fortnight away with a learning that can be summarised in a single word, policy.

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Farming Field
6 April 2023

Fund Manager round up

FS Sustainability Article.
“Cultiv8 Funds Management has made three initial investments, two in Australia and one in Israel. The investments are part of the Cultiv8 Agriculture and Food Technology Fund, which was formed late last year in partnership with Fidante.”

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JJ recording podcast
16 March 2023

Podcast | ESG in 10

In this episode, “Emerging technologies reimagining the Agri-Food Sector”, Charlotte and Jonathon Quigley (Partner Cultiv8 Funds Management) discuss the Agriculture and Food Technology sector and how emerging technologies will reimagine the food and farming system.

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