Cultiv8 Funds Management

We seek to identify some of the world’s leading start-ups in innovative agriculture and food technology. We support and help grow global early-stage Agri-Food Tech companies by integrating the expertise of researchers, farmers, investors, and global corporate partners. We support the digitisation of agriculture and the commercialisation of scientific advances to contribute to a sustainable future.


Our partnerships, industry connections and collaboration with early-stage accelerator managers, government agencies and research groups provide a pipeline of investment opportunities.


We are ecosystem builders, supporting management and companies that are fuelled by purpose, innovation, and commercialisation. We back bold leaders and investors who make transformative change.


We are investing in cutting-edge companies that are contributing to a sustainable future. Our location in regional Australia allows us to connect with farmers and to preserve the environment for future generations.


We understand Agricultural cycles and are financially innovative, allowing us to support early-stage companies that can create significant value and impact over time.