We invest in companies across the value-chain to drive opportunities that will improve the way we produce, distribute, and consume food. We identify and support innovative companies that capitalise on the growing need to create more with less and develop novel solutions to activate a more resilient Agri-Food system.


Robotics and Automation
Arugga has developed autonomous ground robots that provide greenhouse services using artificial intelligence. The robotic platform is designed to support several modules including pollination, non-contact pruning, plant lowering, pest/disease detection and yield prediction.


Emissions Technology
FutureFeed is an innovative livestock feed supplement that utilises unique traits of the seaweed species Asparagopsis to reduce methane emissions and improve feed use efficiency in ruminant animals.


Data and Connectivity
Zetifi provides last-mile connectivity solutions via long-range Wi-Fi to accelerate the digital transformation of the agriculture sector and remote workforce.


Nutrivert, has designed a novel antibiotic replacement for livestock production. The compound is a postbiotic which has antiviral properties and reduces intestinal inflammation to improve animal growth, feed conversion and reduce time on feed.


Climate Adaptability & Emissions
WollemAI is an Australian company providing a digital solution to measure and report financed agricultural and land emissions. The Software as a Service (SaaS) platform allows real-time, verifiable, audit-grade analysis of investment or loan exposure to land or agriculture. The system delivers highly accurate and actionable emissions and physical risk metrics.


Natural Capital & Biodiversity
Exoflare is an Australian company that has developed a Unified Biosecurity Threat Management Platform™ to proactively protect food supply. The infrastructure is intelligent and adaptive to existing and emerging biosecurity threats across the Agriculture and Food value chain.