2 tech businesses helping Australian farmers stay best in class

10 May 2024

In the world of agriculture, innovation goes hand in hand with the need to secure a nourishing future. Find out more at Livewire Markets.

Filmed 29 April 2024.

Fund Profile

  • Name of the fund: Cultiv8 Agriculture and Food Technology Fund
  • Asset Class: Early-stage, venture capital-backed agricultural and food technology firms
  • Year started: September 2022
  • Description of strategy: The Fund invests exclusively in Agriculture and Food Technology companies from the Seed stage to Series B and investments in the Limited Partnership will qualify for concessional tax treatment under an ESVCLP (Early-Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership).
  • Target Return: Target 20% IRR net of fees*

How the world’s most essential industry is adapting to change

While there may be some dispute as to whether it is the world’s oldest industry, it can certainly claim to be one of the most essential. Here in Australia, agriculture is not just the backbone of the economy—it’s also a huge part of our export and security universes. One trip to your local supermarket will demonstrate just how much outstanding produce, poultry, and non-perishable products we create in this country.

But it may surprise you to learn that agriculture is not just a core part of the economy – it’s also where a lot of innovation occurs. 

It is at this intersection that Jonathon Quigley sits, as both a founding partner of Cultiv8 Funds Management and a member of the investment committee for the Cultiv8 Agriculture and Food Technology Fund…

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