Targeting double digit returns by backing just 6 companies a year

10 May 2024

Livewire gets a closer look at why investors should be considering agriculture investment – and specifically Agri-Food Tech – right now. See full article here.

Note: This interview was taped on Monday 29 April 2024.

Fund Profile

  • Name of the fund: Cultiv8 Agriculture and Food Technology Fund
  • Asset Class: Early stage, venture capital-backed agricultural and food technology firms
  • Year started: September 2022.
  • Description of strategy: The fund invests exclusively in Agriculture and Food Technology companies from the Seed stage to Series B. Many of the investments within the fund will qualify for concessional tax treatment under an ESVCLP (Early-Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership).
  • Target Return: Target 20% IRR net of fees*

* Target returns are not a reliable indicator of future performance, and no guarantee or assurance is given that such that performance objectives will be achieved

In this Fund in Focus, Quigley will share with us his thoughts on why investors should have exposure to global agriculture and Agri-Food Tech thematics. He’ll explain why this may be the right way to play it for your portfolio and he’ll also share one current investment that represents Cultiv8’s process of narrowing down thousands of potential firms to the chosen few.

The asset class at the heart of Australia’s economy

Unless you’re passionately urban, chances are you have visited Australia’s agricultural heartlands in your time. Perhaps you even know or have connections to a wine-growing region or a produce-rich area of this vast land. Australia is famous for its food – not just how much we produce of it but also the world-leading nature of the industry.

While stock market investors will be familiar with such names as Elders, GrainCorp, and the like, plenty of the companies that want to create change and spur innovation in this industry are both smaller and more nimble than the big names. 

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