Policy – Friend or Foe?

11 April 2023

Author: Jonathon Quigley, Partner, Cultiv8 Funds Management

As the discussion on climate and emissions policy intensifies within Australia, I am reminded of a research trip to Europe that I took last year with 45 Australian agricultural executives. I returned from my fortnight away with a learning that can be summarised in a single word, policy.

I arrived in The Netherlands the day The Dutch government announced their new approach to Agricultural Policy. They delivered a target to halve emissions of livestock led pollution by 2030. This target is expected to require a reduction in livestock numbers of 30%. It was met by many outside the sector with an acknowledgement of inevitability. Farmers however were irate and responded with tractor protests and the Agriculture Minister’s home being blocked by the angry mob…

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Greenhouse owner examining flowers and using laptop and touchpad at work.
“We need producer led change. System led change only happens with a sharing of the priority challenges and greatest opportunities.”